Jul. 28th, 2008

(will be copied to LJ later, too)

I was away with m'family this weekend - it was one of my Aunt's brithday and there was a big family party. In England. 900,000,000miles from where I live. Anyway, it was fun, but necessitated being away for the WHOLE weekend, so I'm never going to properly catch up, therefore I'm calling amnesty: If I've not seen it, I'm not going to unless you link me. Please do link me, though, I know there's been ficcage, Comicon (eek! Spoilers!) and Steve this weekend. Also real lives. I'm interestedest in those :).

Why, exactly, didn't I realise that was Mike Rosenbaum in Sweet November? I love that film, far more than it really merits and I now know what I'm doing tommorrow night. S'a terrible hardship, having to watch Keanu (those of you who've been around here a while, might remember when this place was all Keanu, all the time. Now I even appear to have no icons of him...that'd be a bit epic fail.). Obviously I fail as a CWRPS fangirl...I'm heading back to Gen immediately.

Actually I really am, at least for the forseeable, given I'm writing the unsurpassable [info]bobbinrob's sweet charity fic which is weechesters :). She's made my profile all pretty too. I ♥ Robyn.

There are other fic in the headlights; my About Two Boys fic is done, bar final beta/americpick (only, what, 5 1/2 months overdue). Must email beta and check things is okay. And I've been given my Kamikazi Remix assignment. *bounces* I am very, very excited about it (and really excited to see what happens with my story, it deserved better than I gave it) :).

Who all's planning to go to see TIH in London? [info]angelnetgirl and I are booked for the noon showing (so we can travel down on the Friday night and back on the Saturday night) and we'll be hanging around London (or getting out to the cinema) relatively early and then back into London for about tea time, if anyone fancies meeting up and/or eating with us?

Jul. 10th, 2008

I never could get the hang of Thursdays....

And this one's had a particular confluence of petty annoyances.

It is very, very wet outside. And I am very, very soggy about the knees as a result. Also, I stepped on a hinged paving stone and shot cold water up my leg, so I've a soggy right foot and ankle, too. Bah humbug.

The station is often a source of early-morning rage for me - I'm not a morning person and I am easily pushed into Wench-Smash before 10am - numpties fannying about at the top of the escalators (or the bottom, which is probably more dangerous, given one goes down the escalator to get out), crowds of confused people with suitcases milling around and blocking the main thoroughfares, and that kind of thing often leave me seething (at least until I'm into the office, where I am peculiarly soothed) - but today's thing-that-made-me-humph was slightly less incensing, more wtfbbq-ing: a man who is often on my train decided to stop right in front of me on the way out of the station door (into the pouring rain, so I was trying to persuade my brollie to go up) and comment that I wouldn't need my coffee if I'd had a proper breakfast at home. Um. What? Seriously? My bringing my own lovely coffee on the train (I've an insulated commuter mug) rather than waiting until I've travelled 20 minutes into town to buy an expensive starbucks disposable paper cup means I've not had breakfast? (I haven't, I have it in the office because the aforementioned not being a morning person extends to my stomach, which rebels unpleasantly if I eat too early.) How on earth did that logic come about? And why did this complete stranger decide that he needed to share it with me?

I didn't actually verbally abuse him, nor did I attack him with my umbrella - I made a non-committal noise and smiled - but I was thinking about it...

(liable to be on lj, later, if I remember :))


Jul. 3rd, 2008

Ah. Rain. Marvellous.

Yay, Thursday :). I had a _doodle staying (along with varying selections of the Scottish Fen posse) over last weekend, it was awesome fun but left me a wee bit behind on things :). Having spent last night doing laundry and putting things in garbage bags I'm more or less physically caught up though, cyberly I may make it by Sunday... In fact, before I start telling you all about Jaguars and my new piano - if I've promised you something and you're not either D&H or faninohio (cos yours are underway) message or email me and remind me, so I can put it on a proper to do list. I know I've promised several people logons to my site and/or gallery, and I know I've promised at least one person webspace. Poke me - my brain is made of a giant Texas shaped cheese and unless I write it down I forget until 4am, at which point I go back to sleep and forget again. I suck. (That includes the people I already give space to, I know I've some gallerys and things to set up.) My email address is in my profile :).

Also - talking of webly things, to the techisher people on my flist; I've been using smartftp forever, but they seem to have taken away their free-for-home-use licence and while I don't mind paying the $39 for it, cos it works well, I don't want to recc that for the people I support on my domain space - so anyway any reccs for an easy-enough-to-us Windows compatible free FTP programme please?

Right, now that's all out of the way... "What I did on my Weekend, By Wenchie" or "The fen posse and other animals". I've a whole wodge of vids - mostly of us at the airport - to share, but they're going up later, under a flock, because they're mildly mortifying and I need to convert them for streaming anyway :) so I'm afraid it's all just me blathering for the moment.
Sho and I walked to the airport last Tuesday to meet _doodle (and kittycat89, with whom she was going home). We didn't actually _mean_ to walk, but apparently no one in Paisley wants to go to the airport after 9pm (Glasgow people, sure, even random Clydebank people, but not Paisley people). It's only about 2 and a half miles, which is fine, but it started to pour, which was not so much. We cheered ourselves up with Chips and Cheese (fries, the british, chunky ones you get with fish and chips). This is apparently a peculiarly Scottish thing, which is a shame as it is (with decent, freshly hot, chips which melt the cheese) a food of the Gods. Also warm, also recommended if you've been drinking. Can be made at home with oven chips, but is frankly vastly disappointing and you'd be better with Macaroni cheese. Anyway, _doodle's plane was delayed, and didn't actually take off until after it was supposed to have landed, so Sho, kittycat89 and I went and pretended to steal things until the man in the coffee shop paid us enough attention to actually sell us coffee. Nasty coffee, but warm, and within sight of the arrivals board. Also there was a flapjack.

Eventually we claimed us a _doodle, and her red case, sent her and kittycat89 off home and meandered back to collapse in a heap, having made rough plans for the rest of the week.

Wednesday was _doodle's actual Birthday so She, kittycat89, smeckles90, sho and I all went for dinner in Di Maggios (fen posse dinner location of choice, cos they're very fussy personages all together). The man kept trying to bring Kittycat89 and smeck's cake to them as a starter, but other than that it was all good :). I had to work Thursday, while the rest of them pottered about Glasgow. Gits. We then educated Kittycat89 with Pretty Woman, cos she's a heathen (I believe she's still claiming PTSD).

On Friday _Doodle, kittycat89, Sho and I all went to Edinburgh zoo (if you want to do that, get the 900 bus from Buchanan St. as it stops at the main gate) It was threatening rain all day, in between scorching sun, which meant it was very, very quiet. Yay :). I've taken about a million pictures, which I'll get off my camera eventually. The J2 Zebras were particularly fun (there was jumping all over each other and ear biting...), along with the tag-teaming Jaguars (one posed whilst the other slept. Then they swapped in the afternoon), the polar bear (we're really very sorry for bringing up the thing with the glacier mints, didn't realise it was a sore point dude) and the Penguin armada. I have a picture of one of the penguins trying to eat my camera through the glass of the underwater viewing bit. The Penguin walk is always fun, and quite a few of them came out to see us. (In the whole "Winchesters as penguins" thing; Dean is totally a Rockhopper, John and Sam are Emperor and Bobby - family isn't just blood - is a Gentoo (they get things done..)). I now have a cross-roads demon penguin Dean fridge magnet. It's AWESOME.

Edinburgh Zoo is all about conservation and breeding programmes - the visitors just help pay for it all - and if you do go, definitely take a look at the new Chimp experience thing. We were too late for the talk, but we did go and let the oldest chimp look at us (I'm pretty sure they view it that way, certainly he was up at the glass and watching, and left when the small children started crowding round... after terrifying the living crap out of one of them by hitting the glass when she got too close).

An awesome time was had by all, there were Sam'n'Dean Diana Monkeys (the handstands so they could kick each other in the head were particularly class), inappropriate monkey sex jokes, hand-loloping gibbons, AMAZING tigers and a cat that appeared to have been in a tumble drier. T'was entirely knackering, and then there was wine. Wine is bad....

Saturday was _doodle's birthday party, for which I made a cake and Sho made 14,000,000 man-shaped biccits (minds out of gutter please. Like gingerbread men, sans ginger). Also there was chilli. Mostly there was Dr Who (complimented by Cybermen masks. It's entirely possible we thought it was her 3rd birthay, rather than her 23rd...) and then on Sunday, after a day spent in pyjamas and cursing the rain, _doodle went home.

However, I didn't decend into a slump because on Monday I got a piano *yay*. He's an old upright, a little the worse for wear (ideally I'd get a french polisher in, but that's expensive) but he's not far out of tune (which is good, I will get him tuned eventually, but he can settle a bit first), the 2nd from top g# is missing its hammer and the damper cable seems to be very loose (I can sustain fine, but the damp won't damp properly). All that's fixable by a piano tuner, the fact that some of the keys need a very DEFINITE press to play might not be, but it's not awful. Certainly I've sung to worse in various church halls, and he's pretty. There're some biro marks on some of the keys though - anyone any ideas how to get biro off ivory? Soapy water didn't help much. I need to get hold of a "so you used to play the piano quite well 15 years ago, get restarted" book now :).

Since then I've been playing scales, doing housework and trying to catch up on LJ (My filtering and things seem to be more or less working. I'm certainly reading everything even if I'm not commenting to everything), tonight's for sorting out the top of the the spare room desk and the Seagrass box and footstool in the sitting room. I shall get RID OF MY CRAP. I can convert the vids and upload my zoo piccies whilst I'm sorting. I do love a plan....

Jun. 17th, 2008

Okay, so...

Insane journal's obviously not as well known as lj, so it's not blocked yet, which means, for now, at least, I can write fic and whatnot and still get it home, which is nice, and gives me something to do at lunchtime. Yay. Must call orange and upgrade package (my contract's up anyway) so I can get a phone that can browse properly. And sort out my mobile flist. AHRG. *sporks proxy server*

Aug. 4th, 2007


I'm not really here, I'm still mostly over at lj, but I'm going to try syndicating my posts to here too. We'll see how that all goes.